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I like immersing myself in the experience of what I’m photographing. No matter what it is or where it is. Whether it’s taking a landscape photo, documenting an event or making a portrait.

Natural, exciting or candid! I thrive on activity and movement. I like shadows and contours and I love natural light. I'm an animal lover and grew up visiting many ranches and farms of friends and family. The animals included working horses, race horses, cattle, pigs, fainting goats, cats, farm and cattle dogs.We had several of our own horses, a shepherd x and a sausage dog. We "adopted" and fed a stray king shepherd who my sister and I played with for hours outside. He was fed with our leftovers so we made sure to leave food on our plates for him.

I've played many different team sports at the high school level. And continued to play field hockey for a many years after graduating. Photographing sports was a natural progression for me. I downhill skied for many years and now enjoy walking, hiking or biking.

RVing and exploring our own province is still on our favorite list. My hubby and I have had multiple dogs that have been the heartbeat of our family. We have done some fostering and each dog has been a family member and loved. One special foster dog touched our hearts deeply. Bark for your pack was inspired by all the four leggeds we love.

BarkForYourPack Photography


I do not have many good photos of one of our previous dogs Tia and she is part of the reason I became a Pet Photographer. You realize the importance of preserving the memories of your four legged family member. 

Tia had many nicknames a few more names than one little pup needed! But with an independant, headstrong and intelligent dog you earn the use of many names. Teenie Marnie, Teeny Girl, Girlie Girl that all came from lots of girl time together. I could say she was our heart dog but to tell you the truth I think they all are. 

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