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Education and Volunteering

Volunteer Work with Rescue (2016-present), Volunteer of the Month (2019)

Positive Solutions for Canine Aggression Seminar (2022)-Pat Miller CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

Understanding Dog Body Language Seminar (2022)-Tracy Keith CBCC-KA, CCPDT

Pet First Ad Training (2017/2019)-Josie Ranger RVT

Canine and Feline Behavioral Medicine Seminar-Dr Karen Overall MA, VMD, PhD, DipL ACVB, ABS-(2018)

Helping Fearful Dogs, Separation Anxiety and Dog-Dog Play/2 Day Seminar-Nicole Wilde CBCC-KA-(2017)

Pet Photography Education-Hair of the Dog Academy, Unleashed Pet Photography Education

Fido Photography Workshops and Creative Dog Photography 

Future Seminars-Light Chasers 2023

Recent Seminars-HOD 2022, HOD Summit Spring and Winter 2019, Adobe Creativity Conference 2021,

Adobe Max 2020, Profusion 2020, 2021, Abandoned Alberta Workshop 2020,

CAPA Conference 2019

CAPA-Canadian Association of Photographic Art-Honour Award in National Competition for Photojournalism 2023 

Publications-League Magazine 2017

Photography Certificate Completed in 2015 at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Photography Certificate Completed in 2014 at Mount Royal University